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Eastfjords trip – day 1


It’s been a while since I wrote about my trips. Well, it’s time to come back to that. And this is as fresh as they came.

I planned to see the East Fjords this weekend. I left Reykjavik Friday morning (today)  and planning to go back Monday evening. But the plans have already been changed a bit.

After sleeping around 5 hours last night, even though I had a feeling of not going, I persevered. So at 8:15 am I was on route 1, close to Esja. The hitchhiking place for going in the North. Now living in Reykjavik makes it a bit difficult to choose which way to go East. I decided to take the plane back. So I couldn’t afford anything else than hitchhiking my way there, through the North.

Which, unfortunately wasn’t that easy. Not this time. It took me more than 30 minutes to be picked up by someone. And he drove me only on the other side of the tunnel. Luckily I only stayed there for less than 3 minutes and the second car already stopped. I was dropped off outside Borgarnes.

Now this is the reason why I love hitchhiking in Iceland. Not only because it’s free. And I don’t waste CO2. I also get to learn or listen to different kind of stories or, even better, information about my beloved Iceland.

For example, I’ve seen some ships today in a harbour and it seems it’s  the commemoration of the American base that used to be here. This weekend it’s gonna be a lot of them. Also, we talked about Lupina the invasive flower brought here from Alaska. People now are divided in two.. You either hate it, or love it.

After waiting for about 15 minutes outside Borgarnes. The third car picked me up. And luckily he drove me almost 200 km. I love long drives, especially when people are amazing. Like the British-Swiss-Icelandic man. Yup, all three in one. Born in UK, from a Swiss mother lives in Iceland since he was 12. And he used to be one of the volunteers for rescue team here, in Iceland. He told me about hiking from Landmanalaugar to Thorsmork, or another mountain in the East. He told me stories about Westfjords and also about the mountains in Switzerland. I wish he could have driven me farther away. I loved hearing his stories.

Then I was dropped off just at the intersection with the „Seal city”. There was a bus coming towards Akureyri in about one hour. So that was my backplan. But 20 minutes later after starting to be cold from the very harsh wind I got picked up by a Canadian couple.

They’re French was different from any French I heard before. Crazy,  adventurous couple who were doing the ring road. I spoke mostly with him because she was only speaking French. But most of the time they ignored me, so I almost fell asleep in the car. Luckily the music was loud and rhythmic so my sleep never got to deep.

Eventually, after few stops for taking photos, we made it to Akureyri. They kept going but I decided I will take a bus to Egilsstaðir and from there hitchhike to Húsey where I was supposed to sleep tonight.

But when people from info center called the hostel, I was informed there is no transportation from Egilsstaðir to the hostel. And the weather is really bad so it’s vetted for me to stay somewhere else.

And here I am. Stopped in Akureyri. 4 cars, around 400 km in about 6 hours. Tired but happy with my decision. Tomorrow morning I will continue my trip and hopefully make it to the East. Wish me luck.

P. S.  Vlogs will come way later. And probably I will add a map another time.

P. P. S. Sorry for butchering some Icelandic names, I don’t have all the characters on my tablet.


Două excursii – de la gheizere la delfini


Mi-am dat seama că nu am scris nimic despre cele două călătorii pe care le-am făcut deja. Ideea este următoarea: pentru că lucrez pentru un lanț de hosteluri am o mulțime de oferte de diferite călătorii gratuite. Este clar că trebuie să profit cât mai mult de lucrul ăsta.

Am pierdut Citește restul acestei intrări

Edirne trip


… au mai trecut câteva săptămâni, am mai făcut o excursie. De data aceasta în Edirne, care este recunoscut pentru sportul naţional, acel Kirkpinar Oil Wrestling. Este cel mai gay sport pe care l-am văzut şi de aceea mă consider norocoasă că nu l-am văzut live, campionatul fiind în iunie. Totuşi am văzut o statuie drăguţă ce reprezenta sportul respectiv, din păcate nu am reuşit să îi fac poză din autocar.

Ne-am adunat din nou în campus şi la 8:30 am pornit spre Edirne. Se anunţa un drum de patru ore, care drum fix atât a şi durat… pentru autocarul în care mă aflam. Pe drum am dat de sediul câtorva televiziuni renumite, de câteva clădiri interesante, dar cel mai mult îmi plăcea cum se vedea marea. Citește restul acestei intrări

Bursa trip


Am fost în prima excursie organizată în semestrul ăsta. Locul: Bursa. Am fost plecată cam 12 ore… dar a meritat. Chiar mi-a plăcut… deşi am avut şi câteva mici încurcături.

Am plecat dimineaţa la 8 fără ceva. Am urcat în autocarele universităţii şi duşi am fost [am umplut două autocare jumătate]. După vreo jumătate de oră de mers în care am trecut pe lângă vreo două saloane de prezentare Dacia, am ajuns la feribot. Am traversat astfel o porţiune din Marea Marmara şi după jumătate de oră în care am încercat să fac câteva poze la pescăruşi, în care m-a bătut vântul cum a vrut el şi m-am ascuns în cabină la caldură… ne-am urcat din nou în autocare şi am călătorit mai departe.


Am ajuns în Bursa pe la 10 jumătate, oprindu-ne în partea de Citește restul acestei intrări