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7 months and still counting


I keep being asked a lot of questions by friends or strangers. And so I thought to celebrate my 7th month of traveling by answering (again) to some of them. If you have any other questions, now it’s the time for them!  So with no further due and in no particular order.. here we go: Citește restul acestei intrări


No, I’m not in love with USA


Is this thing still on?

Okay then.. So.. Yes, I love the country.

I’ve been traveling quite a bit in the last years. And for some reason only when I started to visit USA people starting to tease me about the country. As in.. „oh, so you’re in love with America now? ” or „hey you, American girl”… Or actually being asked the reason why I need to keep going there. Citește restul acestei intrări

Where are you now?


In this very moment. In what city or country are you in? Are you just visiting or are you living there? Do you feel you have your life figured out? Are you in love or did you fall out of love? Do you think this piece of puzzle is the best you could have for the time being? Why all these questions?  Citește restul acestei intrări

Cuvinte de nepronunțat XV


People. That’s what we all are. Human beings going from one place to another, not capable of standing still. Until we die. We are all the same and different in the same time. But sometimes we forget to look around. Not just to glance over other shadows. But to actually  see beyond the mirror and see people as they are.

I’ve recently been to New York, it has been a long time since I’ve been in a huge city and so to see so many people in one place. And I have to tell you I loved it. Because I love people.

We all have issues and challenges Citește restul acestei intrări

Weekend in Westfjords – part 2


Ísafjörður – Bolungarvik

As I was saying last time, after a night in which I could barely sleep because of being too cold, I woke up way too late. It took me even longer to get ready for my trip.

Especially because I wasn’t quite sure what to do next or where to head to. And so I heard there is a city close to where I was (around 10 km or so) where I could hike a mountain and, if the weather is really sunny, as it was, I can see Greenland. That sounded really good. Little I knew how wrong I was.

Around midday, I was packed and ready to go. This time it took way longer time for a car to pick me up. And just when I was prepared to give up, Citește restul acestei intrări

Dubai trăit la maxim!


Am rămas în urmă cu poveștile, dar țin neapărat să scriu despre fiecare lucru care a lăsat o impresie asupra mea. Sau cât îmi amintesc, oricum. Seara care a urmat ne-am dus să vedem ceea ce aici se numește Veneția de Dubai și apoi Global Village. Citește restul acestei intrări

Dubai – experiența continuă


Am revenit cu poveștile despre Dubai Mall și împrejurimi.

Aici totul e gândit, și, deci construit, să petreci cât mai puțin timp afară, deci poți lua metroul până direct în mall, iar mall-urile… (sau cel puțin Dubai Mall – numai pe acesta l-am văzut momentan) sunt făcute să poți face de toate în interior. Sunt ca niște mici orașe. Citește restul acestei intrări