Arhive pe etichete: Egilsstaðir

Eastfjords trip – day 3 (part 2) 


So again, here I was starting my hitchhike towards Egilsstaðir first and then Berunes. I walked a bit, but not too far to be attacked by birds again. And I stopped. A lot of cars passed by me, but no-one would stop. And so after 20 minutes of waiting the same Bulgarian-Turkish guy stopped and drove me all the way to Egilsstaðir. We had a nice chat about Bulgarians and Romanians in Europe.

From there I walked for 30 minutes more outside the city and stopped in a safe place, where car were able to stop too. And I waited and waited and waited some more. So many cars would pass through, two of them actually slowed down, but nobody picked me up. One hour later I was already deciding what to do. If I should just try to get accommodation in the city or keep on waiting. I said I’ll give it half an hour maximum and I’ll think about where else to sleep.

About 16:30 two Icelandic women picked me up. Unfortunately they were going somewhere else and they left me 10 km away from where I was. And like this the walk started. I didn’t want to stay put because to be fair it drives me nuts. Unfortunately this route was not that common for cars, or at least not at that time. And the few cars who passed by me wouldn’t even stop. I was starting to feel I’m getting in trouble. The place where I was supposed to go was 70 km away. Not that far by car, but for sure crazy to get there on foot.

I was walking for an hour trying to sing songs, talking with myself to cheer up, but truth to be told my feet were killing me. I was actually starting to feel tired. Which is never good. I was even considering to maybe sleep somewhere in the grass if really no car will stop for me. First solution being to hitchhike my way back to the city and find accommodation there.

Well, with all these thoughts in my mind, really trying to decide what’s best for me a car stopped. I couldn’t believed it. And they were going all the way to Höfn. Farther away than where I was going. But they were taking my route. Incredible and I was so happy I wanted to hug the British couple. Also, the route we actually went through.. Again no words. Stunning, incredible, remarkable. Snapped some pictures, as I could. But really those views fed my soul for a long while.

Somewhere around 19:00, I think, we got to my accommodation, Berunes Hostel. They drove me all the way up to the reception. Another incredible place. I said goodbye to my British heroes and this time I actually hugged them. And I went to check in, and to take a shower as soon as possible.

The best surprise was still to come. When I went to the guest kitchen a colleague was making diner. He knew I’m coming so he prepared extra food for me, too. So,  so kind. Always kind. He used to be my boss here in Iceland. So after diner we had plenty to talk about. Nice, lovely chat for more than an hour. Then I headed to sleep, I was really exhausted from a tiring but still fulfilling day.

Following day would be last day, also the one in which I was going back to Reykjavik.