Povestea cozonacului islandez


A fost o dată ca niciodată o poftă. Și pofta asta poftea cozonaci. Dar cum posesoarea poftei se afla departe, foarte departe de tot ce înseamnă acasă unde cresc cozonacii în copaci, a fost nevoie de o improviație. Și da, cozonacii acasă cresc în copaci pentru că pofta alterează memoria cum vrea ea numai să se vadă satisfăcută.

Acum te vei întreba ce îi face pe cozonaci să fie islandezi și răspunsul e foarte simplu: în Islanda au fost făcuți. De la zero. Citește restul acestei intrări

No, I’m not in love with USA


Is this thing still on?

Okay then.. So.. Yes, I love the country.

I’ve been traveling quite a bit in the last years. And for some reason only when I started to visit USA people starting to tease me about the country. As in.. „oh, so you’re in love with America now? ” or „hey you, American girl”… Or actually being asked the reason why I need to keep going there. Citește restul acestei intrări

Where are you now?


In this very moment. In what city or country are you in? Are you just visiting or are you living there? Do you feel you have your life figured out? Are you in love or did you fall out of love? Do you think this piece of puzzle is the best you could have for the time being? Why all these questions?  Citește restul acestei intrări

Cuvinte de nepronunțat XV


People. That’s what we all are. Human beings going from one place to another, not capable of standing still. Until we die. We are all the same and different in the same time. But sometimes we forget to look around. Not just to glance over other shadows. But to actually  see beyond the mirror and see people as they are.

I’ve recently been to New York, it has been a long time since I’ve been in a huge city and so to see so many people in one place. And I have to tell you I loved it. Because I love people.

We all have issues and challenges Citește restul acestei intrări

Weekend in Westfjords – part 4


Bíldudalur – Reykjavik

It’s time to finish this story…
As I was saying last time, I was dropped off at the intersection of route 60 with 63. And to my surprise, there were some cars actually going my way but none of them picked me up. And then nothing.. for like 15 minutes no cars. And so I was walking by the side of the road, laughing again like a crazy person.. and trying to see if I could actually pitch my tent somewhere if in one hour nobody will pick me up.

And as I was keeping my mind busy Citește restul acestei intrări