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Where are you now?


In this very moment. In what city or country are you in? Are you just visiting or are you living there? Do you feel you have your life figured out? Are you in love or did you fall out of love? Do you think this piece of puzzle is the best you could have for the time being? Why all these questions?  Citește restul acestei intrări


Cuvinte de nepronunțat XV


People. That’s what we all are. Human beings going from one place to another, not capable of standing still. Until we die. We are all the same and different in the same time. But sometimes we forget to look around. Not just to glance over other shadows. But to actually  see beyond the mirror and see people as they are.

I’ve recently been to New York, it has been a long time since I’ve been in a huge city and so to see so many people in one place. And I have to tell you I loved it. Because I love people.

We all have issues and challenges Citește restul acestei intrări

Nu am scris


Au trecut mai mult de trei luni de când am scris ultima dată aici. Mă tot gândesc dacă să mai insist în platforma asta sau să încerc ceva nou. Până atunci…

Nu am scris despre săptămânile care au urmat celei 26 menționate ultima dată. Nu am scris despre nopțile nedormite fără niciun motiv. Nu am scris despre mutările făcute în cameră doar în speranța că voi putea adormi din nou.

Nu am scris despre Noaptea Muzeelor în care am intrat gratis la majoritatea muzeelor pe care le ocolisem până atunci. Am încercat îmbrăcăminte vikingă și m-am amuzat când personaje ce păreau manechini speriau oamenii trecători prin muzeu. Și să nu uit vaporul, prima dată mergând pe un vas de pescuit și am putut să vedem fiecare cameră, inclusiv camera căpitanului. Dar nu am scris.

Nu am scris despre bucuria răsăritului regăsit pe strada unuia dintre hosteluri, răsărituri tot mai devreme, lumină tot mai multă. Și apusuri tot mai îndepărtate.

Nu am scris despre dorul de acasă care Citește restul acestei intrări



The moon seems smaller when you look at it through your window. You can’t see the whole sky, the stars and the rest of the Universe. You can’t touch the trees, you can’t feel the fresh air, you can’t step on the ticklish sand and you can not hear the waves bursting into rocks. It doesn’t matter the size of the window or if it’s open, and it does not matter the view you have. It’s always just a simple frame of the infinite world.

So is life when you are living through anyone’s else experiences.

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Let words speak to you


Here’s an idea I always wanted to try.

– I go to google.

– I write “quotes about” …

– …and then let the sentence finish itself without me. The conscious me.  (Think of it a bit like word association…except your kind of asking someone for advice.)

– Next, I read and copy whatever quotes speak to me. Though I won’t usually know why they do…

So this is the result for today: Citește restul acestei intrări



It’s easy when you miss someone. You can just call that person or you make everything in your power to meet them. Or you look at some old photos, because you don’t like the new ones. Sometimes you listen to some songs that will forever remind you of them. And you can even try to go into a perfume shop just to feel again their fragrance. A leaf, a glimpse at the sun, a star, two cats… everything is a sweet reminder of them. And you are happy because like that it will stay with you as long as you need it.

But what do you do when you miss a feeling? Citește restul acestei intrări