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Weekend in Westfjords – part 3


Bolungarvik – Bíldudalur

After I had that amazing smoothie, I went back to hitchhike my way out of that area. I have to admit, even with the new shoes, I was starting to feel a bit disappointed and my moral was going quite low.

And the fact I was waiting for 30 minutes for someone to pick me up wouldn’t help. It was around 4 pm and so it was starting to get late… thinking the day before around the same time I was making it to Ísafjörður.

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Weekend in Westfjords – part 2


Ísafjörður – Bolungarvik

As I was saying last time, after a night in which I could barely sleep because of being too cold, I woke up way too late. It took me even longer to get ready for my trip.

Especially because I wasn’t quite sure what to do next or where to head to. And so I heard there is a city close to where I was (around 10 km or so) where I could hike a mountain and, if the weather is really sunny, as it was, I can see Greenland. That sounded really good. Little I knew how wrong I was.

Around midday, I was packed and ready to go. This time it took way longer time for a car to pick me up. And just when I was prepared to give up, Citește restul acestei intrări

Weekend in Westfjords – part 1


Reykjavik – Ísafjörður

I woke up at 5 am, I was too excited to sleep. And after a final touch to my backpack, I took the first bus outside the city. Few minutes before 8 am I was on route 1, hoping someone will stop and take me to my destination. Or as close to that as possible. 6 cars and 8 hours later, there I was. But let me tell you how it all started.

For everyone who knows me at least a bit, might not be a surprise: I don’t know to make a decision. I’m either rushing into it, not thinking enough about consequences or not taking it at all. I changed my mind 4 times before going on the trip, but eventually I decided to go. The plan was to hitchhike my way there and back for four days and three nights. Camping, of course or if I was lucky, sleep one night in a hostel.

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De ce Islanda din nou?


Let me tell you a little story about a girl and her dream…

Eh, e prea mult de povestit, așa că în schimb voi face o mică recapitulare a motivului pentru care mă aflu din nou în Islanda. Pentru că da! M-am întors la țara de care m-am îndrăgostit iremediabil. Și nu, nu era ceva plănuit. Voi fi aici toată vara (până cândva în octombrie… deși niciodată nu se știe ce se mai poate întâmpla). Lucrez la unul dintre hosteluri, la recepție.

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Excursie printre nămeți


Pentru prima dată de când sunt aici, mi-am luat două zile libere, ca să merg într-o excursie. Pentru că vremea ne-a cam încurcat (de o săptămână a venit zăpada și sper să nu mai plece curând), am decis să mergem undeva în apropiere.. adică peste 150 de km distanță de Reykjavik, Grundarfjörður.

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