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New York – prima zi: compost, cimitir și universitate


M-am tot calculat dacă să scriu în română sau în engleză, dar în sfârșit am decis să o dau înainte cu limba maternă. Prea le tot combin. 

Prima zi în New York a venit cu micuțe întâmplări. Una incredibilă, una amuzantă, două tâmpite și una delicioasă. Iar una extraordinară. 

Să încep cu începutul, totuși. E a doua oară când ajung în New York, prima dată fiind anul trecut. Dar acum voi sta o săptămână plină. Cum majoritatea lucrurilor turistice le-am făcut data trecută, acum e vremea de a descoperi lucruri noi, de a gusta minunății, de fapt de a mă bucura de tot ce vrea sufletul meu. 

Deși sunt doar 4 ore distanță între New York și Reykjavík tot mi-au trebuit câteva zile bune să îmi revin. Dar să revenim la peripețiile din prima zi. 

Ceea ce nu am știut data trecută este că hostelul e la câteva blocuri distanță de Tom’s Restaurant. Așa că m-am îndreptat înspre colțul de stradă unde aveam să găsesc faimosul restaurant din Seinfeld. Dar înainte de asta am decis să cumpăr un nou sim card pentru că am nevoie de internet on the go. După aproape o oră, explicat ce opțiuni am, cumpărat sim card, văzut că nu merge și restituit banii am purces mai departe.

Am vrut să văd și o universitate așa că cea mai aproape a fost Columbia University. În fața uneia dintre clădiri am văzut un stand despre compost. Oamenii aruncau acolo resturi de legume și fructe și m-am oprit,  bucuroasă să văd așa ceva. Ei bine, am stat la povești cu omul care se ocupa de asta vreo jumătate de oră timp în care mi-a dat câteva flyere și mi-a sugerat câteva locuri unde aș putea merge să văd mai multe lucruri asemănătoare. M-am umplut cu energie pozitivă și m-am îndreptat înspre restul universității. Am dat nas în nas cu mascota lor care se juca cu un bebeluș în cărucior. 

De acolo am mers mai departe vrând neapărat să ajung la Trinity Church Cemetery and Mausoleum unde este îngropat Hamilton. Da, mi se trage de la musical pentru că nu sunt atât de interesată în istoria SUA. Din păcate cum nu am avut internet, nu am reușit să găsesc piatra de mormânt. M-am plimbat prin cimitir de una singură. Adică eu și cu veverițele. 

Ca norocul că înainte de asta am mers la un magazin cu cele mai delicioase prăjiturele. Foarte dulci și mari și gumoase chiar. Care sunteți curioși, verificați Levain Bakery. 

Ei bine după cimitir m-am întors la hostel unde a trebuit să îmi las orice bagaj mare pentru că urma să fiu în public la Seth Meyers. Și uite așa m-au luat emoțiile. Dar mai multe despre asta în articolul viitor. 


How to be a complete idiot in 30 steps


Firstly let me set up the scene. I’m in Lugo, Galicia for 10 days now and I decided to visit something outside the city too. So today I choose A Coruña. It’s two hours away by bus. I arrived around 2 pm, I had bus back at 8 pm. 

1. When you get into the new city, don’t trust google maps when it’s saying you’re going farther away from the spot you were meant to head to. Keep on going in the wrong way for at least 40 minutes.

2. When you do realise you went wrong, don’t take the city bus to save the wasted time. Walk randomly in such a way that it will take you even longer to get back to square one.

3. After 2 hours and more than 8 km later, when you do get back, rest for literally 5 seconds and keep on walking. You’re not tired anyway.

4. Ignore being hungry and just eat some light snacks you brought with you.

5. Take your time to shot videos and photos by the ocean.

6. When you finally get to the main point of attraction, don’t check the time to see how much you have left until you need to catch the bus back in the other city.

7. After climbing 234 stairs and enjoying the perfect view from Torre de Hércules don’t bother to look up exactly how to get to the bus station.

8. When google maps says it’s gonna take you one hour to get there on foot and  the bus leaves in one hour and a half just shut down any thoughts of taking a bus and keep on walking. 

9. Also don’t bother to check exactly how to get there. You clearly know where you’re going. Right? Right?! 

10. Being too hungry (it’s been 6 hours since your last proper meal) decide on the spot to buy a sandwich from one of those vending machines.

11. Be amazed by how the sandwich actually is being warmed up and when to take it out.. block the fucking little door that would give you acces to the sandwich. Close the door again just to get 0 sandwiches. And 0 money. 

12. Decide to call the number written on the machine. You moron, like you’d be able to explain in Spanish what happened! 

13. Talk for 10 minutes with the person explaining there’s no point being called later for someone to bring you the money tomorrow since you’re leaving in one hour from this city. Explain? Fail in explaining since again.. You don’t speak Spanish!

14. Leave the place losing €2.20 and still being hungry.

15. Buy food 3 minutes later from a bakery and start eating on the street once again not paying attention to the road.

16. Pass by a bus stop, look at the three buses waiting for people to go in and keep on walking down the street.

17. Five minutes later exactly when you started to doubt the way you’re going be back in front of the tower. Panic.

18. Panic some more and decide to take the first bus that’s coming towards you since you conveniently were in a bus stop.

19. Ask the bus driver „estacion del autobus”? And follow his instructions to go one more bus stop up, where you just came from, and take number 4.

20. Only now look at the clock: 40 minutes to reach the bus leaving the city.

21. Be happy the bus number 4 comes in the next 2 minutes. Pay €1.30 and then, at the next bus stop, the one you ignored before, panic again when the bus driver stops the bus completely and goes out of it.

22. Bus is leaving in 5 minutes or so says google. It takes around 25 minutes to get to the bus station and it’s exactly 30 minutes until the main bus leaves. Math was never your strongest point, but from all your calculations the result is the same: you’re fucked.

23. Panic the fuck out.

24. Exactly when the bus driver returns, see on the other side of the road some taxis. Leave the bus just in time to make the bus driver very confused and take the first taxi.

25. Breath. You forgot to do that in the last 15 minutes.

26. When the taxi driver asks you what way do you prefer for him to take just use the only bit of Spanish your brain can still remember: „mas rapido, por favor”. Pay 8 euros for taxi.

27. Arrive to the station in time and finally breath happily you made it.

28. Five seconds later panic again. Your bus is nowhere to be found.

29. Ask a bus driver. Ask a girl. Ask another bus driver. Ask another woman.

30. Finally find the bus and forget to eat because it’s for sure forbidden to eat in the bus. 

P. S. You can see the nice part of the trip on my Intagram stories.  😊

P. S. I walked around 15 km today. 

Eastfjords trip – day 3 (part 2) 


So again, here I was starting my hitchhike towards Egilsstaðir first and then Berunes. I walked a bit, but not too far to be attacked by birds again. And I stopped. A lot of cars passed by me, but no-one would stop. And so after 20 minutes of waiting the same Bulgarian-Turkish guy stopped and drove me all the way to Egilsstaðir. We had a nice chat about Bulgarians and Romanians in Europe. 

From there I walked for 30 minutes more outside the city and stopped in a safe place, where car were able to stop too. And I waited and waited and waited some more. So many cars would pass through, two of them actually slowed down, but nobody picked me up. One hour later I was already deciding what to do. If I should just try to get accommodation in the city or keep on waiting. I said I’ll give it half an hour maximum and I’ll think about where else to sleep. 

About 16:30 two Icelandic women picked me up. Unfortunately they were going somewhere else and they left me 10 km away from where I was. And like this the walk started. I didn’t want to stay put because to be fair it drives me nuts. Unfortunately this route was not that common for cars, or at least not at that time. And the few cars who passed by me wouldn’t even stop. I was starting to feel I’m getting in trouble. The place where I was supposed to go was 70 km away. Not that far by car, but for sure crazy to get there on foot. 

I was walking for an hour trying to sing songs, talking with myself to cheer up, but truth to be told my feet were killing me. I was actually starting to feel tired. Which is never good. I was even considering to maybe sleep somewhere in the grass if really no car will stop for me. First solution being to hitchhike my way back to the city and find accommodation there. 

Well, with all these thoughts in my mind, really trying to decide what’s best for me a car stopped. I couldn’t believed it. And they were going all the way to Höfn. Farther away than where I was going. But they were taking my route. Incredible and I was so happy I wanted to hug the British couple. Also, the route we actually went through.. Again no words. Stunning, incredible, remarkable. Snapped some pictures, as I could. But really those views fed my soul for a long while. 

Somewhere around 19:00, I think, we got to my accommodation, Berunes Hostel. They drove me all the way up to the reception. Another incredible place. I said goodbye to my British heroes and this time I actually hugged them. And I went to check in, and to take a shower as soon as possible. 

The best surprise was still to come. When I went to the guest kitchen a colleague was making diner. He knew I’m coming so he prepared extra food for me, too. So,  so kind. Always kind. He used to be my boss here in Iceland. So after diner we had plenty to talk about. Nice, lovely chat for more than an hour. Then I headed to sleep, I was really exhausted from a tiring but still fulfilling day. 

Following day would be last day, also the one in which I was going back to Reykjavik. 

Trip to Eastfjords – day 3 (part 1) 


The adventurous day was this one, for sure. 

I woke up around 7. Too early I would say, so I decided I wasn’t in a hurry. The guy from reception told me about three hikes and I wanted to try at least one. But two of them were starting about 17 km away,  so I would need a car. Which by now you understood I was in no position to have that. But then I thought about renting a bike. The hike itself was about one hour so normally I would have plenty of time. However when I found out the price (4 hours – 4500 ISK), I kinda gave up. So back to hitchhiking. 

The weather was stable as in no wind, but rainy and quite gloomy. And I started walking around 9:30 for about one hour outside the city until I realized nobody actually goes where I want to. So luckily I caught a ride back in town and from there I stopped and talked with an Icelandic man. He was preparing to chop down a tree that was a danger for the house close to it. So I asked him where to go for another hike (heading towards a lake) and he told me. But my brain already decided where to go, so I didn’t listen to him. I was heading outside the city, walking again for like 30 minutes when I realised I wasn’t heading to where my hike would start. And right when I was trying to figure it out where to go, I got attacked by two birds. Note to self: screaming doesn’t help. Running away from the place is. I was quite bummed out how I wasted so much time to not go anywhere. And while I was getting sad, I called on my own bullshit. More about it, on the vlog. You know I’m gonna have vlogs about this trip, right?

And like this I headed back in town. This time going in the correct direction. Around 12 I started the actual hike which was the most beautiful hike in a long while. I was hiding in between mountains and even though it was drizzling, I had a great time. Two hours into the hike.. I decided to stop. To eat and then head back. Even though in front of me there was Ana amazing waterfall but I’m pretty sure it was one more hour until getting there.  And for the last 30 minutes I was walking in a bit of a swamp. Or anyway.. My shoes were completely soaked and I was starting to be tired. And I was feeling a bit cold too. 

So I went back and around 14:30 I was outside of the city, direction Egilsstaðir trying to catch a ride to take me all the way to Berunes. Well, this time nothing was that easy. 

Eastfjords trip – day 2


So my day started with me having breakfast at the hostel. A bit too pricey for what they had to offer. And the awkward moment when a man tried to take a second piece of bread and he was told it’s just one person kinda made me regret I had breakfast all alone. 

But I was planning to hitchhike my way to the East and since outside it was kinda rainy I decided to make myself some tea for the road. 

Surprise, surprise in the guest kitchen there was a guest that I talked about one hour back in Reykjavik. And I suggested to him to go to Westfjords or North. But he would need to rent a car for that. I never knew what he did, until I saw him standing at the table. Long story short he was heading towards my direction, not all the way to the East, but I joined him for the ride. 

So I got to see Goðafoss and see again the little wonders around Mývatn. We left Akureyri a bit earlier than 10 am. We split apart at the supermarket in Rejkahlið around 14:30. He was heading to the natural bath, I was still trying to get to Eastfjords. 

I walked for like 20 minutes when a Dutch man stopped and he told me he can take me to a parking lot where there’s filled with tourists. He was coming from the place where I was going. And he told me indeed yesterday was very stormy. Anyway, after 5 minutes he left and here I was. One amazing place where I’ve never been before. That’s when it hit me from now on everything is new place. I snapped some pictures and I decided to go a bit more down the road where there was an intersection. And basically stay there until someone will pick me up. 

I had the first guy as a backup since he was heading towards Detifoss, the strongest waterfall in Europe. So I thought worse case scenario he can pick me up if nobody will in more than an hour. I think 15 minutes passed until a couple from Slovakia stopped and said they are going to Egilsstaðir, but first they want to stop to Detifoss. Well, that was just perfect since I haven’t seen the waterfall myself. 

And so I went with them for about three hours. Almost 200 km. And the waterfall was as strong as they come. A real powerhouse. The couple was kind enough to even drive me to the intersection where would be easier for me to get a ride. And luckily in less than 5 minutes another guy picked me up. 

A Bulgarian guy living exactly where I was heading to Seyðisfjörður. Just brilliant. Well, when I got to the hostel my surprise was over the top. This place looks stunning. Iceland never stopping to amaze me. It’s more than one can imagine. Mountains still have snow, there are waterfalls everywhere, the hostel is in an old hospital. And in the basement they have free sauna. What else could I ask for? I know what.. Pizza. Since that was my dinner. 

Now I have to head to sleep because the adventure continues tomorrow. I need to try at least one hike and I’m heading South, sleeping in Berunes. It’s less than 2 hours drive from here. But hitchhiking is not the best friend of timing. 

P. S. Today’s math: around 300 km with 4 cars in about 10 hours. But with plenty of stops to visit as many things as possible. 

Eastfjords trip – day 1


It’s been a while since I wrote about my trips. Well, it’s time to come back to that. And this is as fresh as they came. 

I planned to see the East Fjords this weekend. I left Reykjavik Friday morning (today)  and planning to go back Monday evening. But the plans have already been changed a bit. 

After sleeping around 5 hours last night, even though I had a feeling of not going, I persevered. So at 8:15 am I was on route 1, close to Esja. The hitchhiking place for going in the North. Now living in Reykjavik makes it a bit difficult to choose which way to go East. I decided to take the plane back. So I couldn’t afford anything else than hitchhiking my way there, through the North. 

Which, unfortunately wasn’t that easy. Not this time. It took me more than 30 minutes to be picked up by someone. And he drove me only on the other side of the tunnel. Luckily I only stayed there for less than 3 minutes and the second car already stopped. I was dropped off outside Borgarnes. 

Now this is the reason why I love hitchhiking in Iceland. Not only because it’s free. And I don’t waste CO2. I also get to learn or listen to different kind of stories or, even better, information about my beloved Iceland. 

For example, I’ve seen some ships today in a harbour and it seems it’s  the commemoration of the American base that used to be here. This weekend it’s gonna be a lot of them. Also, we talked about Lupina the invasive flower brought here from Alaska. People now are divided in two.. You either hate it, or love it. 

After waiting for about 15 minutes outside Borgarnes. The third car picked me up. And luckily he drove me almost 200 km. I love long drives, especially when people are amazing. Like the British-Swiss-Icelandic man. Yup, all three in one. Born in UK, from a Swiss mother lives in Iceland since he was 12. And he used to be one of the volunteers for rescue team here, in Iceland. He told me about hiking from Landmanalaugar to Thorsmork, or another mountain in the East. He told me stories about Westfjords and also about the mountains in Switzerland. I wish he could have driven me farther away. I loved hearing his stories. 

Then I was dropped off just at the intersection with the „Seal city”. There was a bus coming towards Akureyri in about one hour. So that was my backplan. But 20 minutes later after starting to be cold from the very harsh wind I got picked up by a Canadian couple. 

They’re French was different from any French I heard before. Crazy,  adventurous couple who were doing the ring road. I spoke mostly with him because she was only speaking French. But most of the time they ignored me, so I almost fell asleep in the car. Luckily the music was loud and rhythmic so my sleep never got to deep. 

Eventually, after few stops for taking photos, we made it to Akureyri. They kept going but I decided I will take a bus to Egilsstaðir and from there hitchhike to Húsey where I was supposed to sleep tonight. 

But when people from info center called the hostel, I was informed there is no transportation from Egilsstaðir to the hostel. And the weather is really bad so it’s vetted for me to stay somewhere else. 

And here I am. Stopped in Akureyri. 4 cars, around 400 km in about 6 hours. Tired but happy with my decision. Tomorrow morning I will continue my trip and hopefully make it to the East. Wish me luck. 

P. S.  Vlogs will come way later. And probably I will add a map another time. 

P. P. S. Sorry for butchering some Icelandic names, I don’t have all the characters on my tablet.