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How to be a complete idiot in 30 steps


Firstly let me set up the scene. I’m in Lugo, Galicia for 10 days now and I decided to visit something outside the city too. So today I choose A Coruña. It’s two hours away by bus. I arrived around 2 pm, I had bus back at 8 pm.

1. When you get into the new city, don’t trust google maps when it’s saying you’re going farther away from the spot you were meant to head to. Keep on going in the wrong way for at least 40 minutes.

2. When you do realise you went wrong, don’t take the city bus to save the wasted time. Walk randomly in such a way that it will take you even longer to get back to square one.

3. After 2 hours and more than 8 km later, when you do get back, rest for literally 5 seconds and keep on walking. You’re not tired anyway. Citește restul acestei intrări


20 random things about me


Mi-am propus ca în luna decembrie să postez zilnic câte ceva pe blog. Nu va fi mereu în română, nu am o temă anume. E doar o provocare de care sper să mă țin. Am nevoie de exercițiu. Astăzi voi începe cu ceva ușor… Citește restul acestei intrări

It’s a cliché so just added to a movie


Hollywood movies! Always the same… it’s like there are few patterns in this world and they all have to follow them scene by scene. So, this is my list of cliche I hate the most.

This is a robbery!

Why the hell are they always announcing that?! Isn’t clear what they want being in a bank with guns? It’s not like they were treat-or-tricking…

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