7 months and still counting


I keep being asked a lot of questions by friends or strangers. And so I thought to celebrate my 7th month of traveling by answering (again) to some of them. If you have any other questions, now it’s the time for them!  So with no further due and in no particular order.. here we go:

How do you have so much money to travel for so long?

I put money aside for nine months in order to be able to afford this. I am trying to travel on a budget, but I did a lot of mistakes (meaning I had to spend more than planned). And sometimes I just want to treat myself. But I had no income in the last 7 months.

Who is taking all your pictures? From far or close up.

98% of my photos are being taken with a timer by myself. I have timer on both my camera and my tablet (I do not own a phone). Few times I got some nice pictures taken by others.. but most of the time even if there is someone with me to take a picture, well the pictures sucks (not focused, not well framed etc.).

Aren’t you bored?

I sometimes get a bit bored of telling my story again and again to people I meet for one hour. This is why I’ve been a lot more isolated in the last month or so.

What is your favourite country? City? Memory?

I can’t and won’t ever choose just one. Chile & (so far) Ecuador. Punta del Diablo & Iguazú/Iguaçu Waterfall & El Chaltén & Perito Moreno Glacier & Carretera Austral & Chiloe Island & Titicaca Lake & Macchu Picchu . Hitchkiking in a truck for 4 nights & climbing Volcano Villarica & seeing baby penguins in Punta Tombo & snorkelling with turtles in Isla de la Plata … and so much more.

Why South America?

I was fascinated by this continent for probably more than 15 years. It was always so far away (from Romania) and from the start I’ve imagined doing more like a road trip. Not just few weeks and coming back. And I am really proud of making it happen the way I wanted (more or less).

Did you get anything stolen? How do you protect yourself from burglars?

Nothing so far. I mean, I got one thing stolen but I forgot it and by the time I went back, it was gone. So it’s kinda my fault. I however lost/forgot a lot more stuff. I will make a list of them because it is really sad.

Were you never scared?

Oh, I was scared plenty of times. But that should never stop me from going forward.

When are you gonna settle down?

When I will find a place that really feels like home.

Have you found your love?

No, I haven’t. I never quite looked for it, either. But in these seven months I dated two guys. Uhm, okay three of them. It didn’t work out.

Where are you now? What is your next destination?

Follow me on Instagram, I am always updating my current location. As for my next destination, I am at the moment on the coast but I will get to the jungle, too. In Ecuador that is.

Screen Shot 2018-05-05 at 10.23.42

How much did you plan before starting your trip?

I had the first month planned out. As in plane tickets, cities I am gonna be in and so on. But after that, most of the time I decided one week in advance where I am going to be afterwards. And to be even more specific, it happened a lot of times I heard about some places just couple of weeks before getting there.

Do you speak Spanish? How do you communicate with others?

Now this is the thing: as a Romanian everyone assumes I speak Spanish (and English and French and maybe Portuguese). Well, it is not my case. Yeah, I have studied Spanish in high-school, but I was never a good student so I only had the basis of it. It was, however easy for me to understand Spanish. Up until I got to Uruguay/Argentina and I realised how completely different the pronunciation can get. But now, after 7 months I can say I can navigate quite easily in Spanish. Which helps a lot. There are a lot of regions where people do not speak any other language. But there is a lot more place for improving.

Are you gonna write a book after you end your trip?

That’s the dream! Cliché, but nevertheless a dream.

Why haven’t you posted videos of your trip?

I don’t have my GoPro anymore. I posted just one or two videos. Hopefully I will have more time editing after I am done with this trip. However I only have very little footage. But I have to admit, I just didn’t find myself in the right set of mind to try to edit some of it.

Would you have done anything differently?

Oh, yeah. A lot of things.. starting with stop losing shit I own, to stop giving second chances to people who don’t deserve them. Yes, I am still talking about my traveling.
I actually keep on imagining how different everything would have been if I would have started my trip in Guatemala as my initial plan was. But I wouldn’t trade the people I met. Some of them really became good friends.
Some things I would have done differently would include some of the places where I stayed, I would probably try to camp more and pack way less.

Any advice for those who are thinking of traveling?

You will never know your limits until your reach them. Don’t let fear of the unknown decide your life. Always have some emergency money in case of something going wrong. Be prepared for the unprepared. Have fun!




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