Random [7]


Haven’t done one of these random train of thoughts in a long while. Music runs through my veins while the headphones ensure I disconnect from anything else.

Falling. How often can you fall without hurting yourself? I would say none. What makes you fall is sometimes more important than the hurt itself. Or how fast you rise back up. I’m constantly stumbling but still it only happens when I think I know the steps. When I’m too sure of how well it will go. Some steps are just wrong, while others are just too much the same.

When have you watched yourself walking last time? I mean really observing every single muscle that puts in the effort for you to move forward. Or backwards. Or do a flip for what I care. I just know sometimes simply putting a foot in front of the other hurts. And if you add a fall to the mix, then it’s even more difficult to stand up. Have you ever noticed how nobody comes back up in the exact same spot? Nor do I think we should. Every slip is a lesson if you let it be.




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