New Year Resolutions 2018


Yes, I’m still doing this! First day of 2017 I hoped the year will bring the challenges in my life, and boy was I challenged! All worth it and brought even more pieces together. 

So like every time I need to go through the last year’s list,  but since it was quite a long one I will leave it for the end of the post.

  1. I want to explore at least five new countries.
  2. I will finally publish my first book.
  3. I need to learn more how to let go.
  4. This is the year when I am gonna get my driving license.
  5. Overcome one of my biggest fears so far.
  6. Learn a new thing at least once a month.

Last year’s update:

  • Personal
  1. Iceladic was a failure, but at least I’m not embarrassed anymore.
  2. Still learning how to focus more on the present.
  3. Didn’t do it every month, but I am treating myself on a regular basis.
  4. No concerts unfortunately.
  • Travel
  1. I’ve seen more of NYC and a bit of NY state.
  2. It was one of my favourite things I’ve done in NYC.
  3. Ha, I made it to Spain this year. Galicia and a glimpse of Barcelona.
  4. Oh, I sure did it! Quite an adventure I would say… see for yourselves.
  • Work
  1. Learning is still happening, unfortunately the step never happened.
  2. Guess who’s been traveling for almost three months now?!
  • Love
  1. I have a feeling 2018 it will be a better year than the one is ending.





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