Eastfjords trip – day 4


I  woke up in a gorgeous place with an incredible sunny and warm weather. After having breakfast and talking a bit more with the host, I packed my stuff and off I went.

It was 9:30 am and my flight was at 20:30. Plenty of hours.. I was sure I can make it in 10 hours to the airport. After all I was only around 80 km away. I walked a lot but because there were not so many cars I had time to snap some pictures after my own liking. There were 5 cars in total passing by me and again there were more cars in the other way. Luckily the host of the hostel actually had to drive someone somewhere close by and he happily picked me up when he saw me by the side of the road. He drove me around 10-15 km. Any kilometer matters. He told me to not take route 1 because the other one is a bit more crowded.

After walking for almost one hour, it started to be really windy and I could barely hear the cars coming. Not that they were too many to begin with. I was almost reaching the intersection of the route 1 and And so I missed a car and I kinda waved only after passed by me. Still they stopped. But there were three sheep on the road, so I assumed they stopped for that. Nope, they stopped for me. Haha, suck it sheep. I’m the one.

Two girls and two guys from Finland. They were not going to Egilsstaðir, they were kinds with no plans just wanted to see some spots around the fjords. But after I told them about my plan they actually decided to drive me all the way to the city and to go and try the hike I missed the previous day in Seyðisfjörður.

And like this I was in the city around 12:30. Way, way, way too early. I decided to treat myself to a nice and expensive lunch. Then to go on a hike towards a viewpoint and finally to go to the swimming pool to finish the trip in a very Icelandic manner.

The hike was great, so many trees around me filling again my soul with anything that was still missing. Also the river around me had some spectacular view points and at the end I found a playground where I stopped for few moments. Give me a swing and all the problems in the world disappear.

The hike was around one hour, then I went to the swimming pool where they had a sauna so of course I went for it. I even did some rounds in the big swimming pool and by the end of my chill out session I was completely serene.

Going out and heading to a Bonus to buy some snacks I found out my plane was going to be late for about one hour. I walked to the airport a bit disappointed because in total I had to wait probably more than 3 hours for my flight. I was way too early in the airport. Everything faded away when I saw the amazing Askja mountain with huge blocks of ice chilling in the lake. And of course the unforgettable full circle rainbow.

I landed in a very dark, rainy, gloomy Reykjavik. I was picked up from the airport and home never felt so good. Since I moved here.

For photos and videos please watch my IG and YT account (Alina Ioana) . Uploading soonish.



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