No, I’m not in love with USA


Is this thing still on?

Okay then.. So.. Yes, I love the country.

I’ve been traveling quite a bit in the last years. And for some reason only when I started to visit USA people starting to tease me about the country. As in.. „oh, so you’re in love with America now? ” or „hey you, American girl”… Or actually being asked the reason why I need to keep going there. Nobody cared that I’ve been to Italy twice in the same month or I visited Scotland, or Dubai. Or that I live in Iceland.

What is it about USA that I get to be judged for deciding to visit it? Well, I tell you what. Nothing. It’s an amazing country having brilliant cities and stunning landscape all over. People are people anywhere in the world. Kind, funny, sketchy, rich, poor, milenials (see what I did there?)  and so on.

I mean.. Okay, I dated an American guy. Before even getting in the country. No, he was no good to me. That won’t make me put a label on all the American guys. Or stop visiting the country. I have a tourist visa, might as well use it.

Shortly, I love the country. I’m planning to come back as often as possible in the next 10 years. I need to see so much more of it. Like Grand Canyon or Yellowstone Park, Yosemite or Glacier or Connecticut during fall season or… I mean, come on,  I can’t count them all!

There are very few countries in the entire world in which I will never go, but other than that I will do my best to travel as much as possible. And benefit of the opportunities as they come. Including, or even better, especially USA.

P. S.  My very cliché dream is to go in a road trip for at least a month in the states.



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