California dreamin’


With all the videos and photos, I didn’t have time to write about my experience in San Diego, California.

And so here I am, writing…

It’s been already one week since I got here and I got one more left. Even though I promised I will enjoy everything to the fullest, I have to be honest and say few evening I just laid in bed, resting.

It was difficult to adjust to the time zone and, by the time I kinda got used to it, I shadowed the night shift. But since I get asked this plenty of time, I can tell you.. I love it here. Of course I do. It’s not in the middle the summer, it’s not too hot, there are not so many tourists, I mean the city itself is not too crowded, and there is light. And it’s cheaper than Iceland, also it has a lot more variations of fruits and vegetables (this being one of the few things I miss ever since I moved to Iceland).

The city gets flooded since it wasn’t build for rain, and there are a lot of homeless people in the streets. The last part makes me feel a bit insecure, especially at night even though nothing bad happened to me, so far. On the other hand all the palm trees (and the other trees) makes me feel so alive and the ocean, well the ocean is perfect. I’m trying to escape the tourists traps, but I might still do/visit some of them (more about that in future vlogs).

This challenge of making a vlog daily it’s quite difficult and I think it would have been so much easier if I would have had any practice beforehand. But I’m learning as I go and I’m trying to be mindful of other people as well, this being the reason I can’t always comment or record the places where I am going.

I still have a lot to discover, since I haven’t been to any of the beach sides yet (mostly because of the rainy weather and floods), but it’s still a bit of time left. I have to try Taco Tuesday, I might go to an open mic show, try some donuts and of course I need to have some tequila shots.

The hostel experience is great. I can’t even say how grateful and happy I am about coming here. I’m learning a lot about hostelling and managing and it’s just a perfect combination of holiday and business.

I will, most probably, go and check out the other hostel in Point Loma and as for now I will spend one night in Los Angeles, in another hostel since my flight is departing quite early in the morning. For other activities.. you just have to keep on following my vlogs and pictures.




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