Weekend in Westfjords – part 3


Bolungarvik – Bíldudalur

After I had that amazing smoothie, I went back to hitchhike my way out of that area. I have to admit, even with the new shoes, I was starting to feel a bit disappointed and my moral was going quite low.

And the fact I was waiting for 30 minutes for someone to pick me up wouldn’t help. It was around 4 pm and so it was starting to get late… thinking the day before around the same time I was making it to Ísafjörður.

Anyhow, finally someone stopped and told me he doesn’t go all the way to Ísafjörður, but he will take me anyway. He didn’t speak much, but he actually drove me all the way, even though he was just going in the town between those two cities. I felt a bit better. So I start walking heading outside the town, trying to reach the main street. I walked for more than 30 minutes when an old Icelandic man, with a sweet blue sport car, stopped. First thought „that’s the fanciest I could get” and immediately started to feel a bit better. He was heading to the campsite outside of town, but he drove me to the intersection where I could actually catch a car. So, so nice of him.

Intersections and I.. we really became best friends in this trip. No way around it. But this time I decided to not go too much on foot because the road was getting a bit dangerous for a car to stop. And here I was, waiting. The reason why I always just walked instead of waiting for a car is because I hate waiting, and the walking gives me a sense of moving on, getting closer. While I was waiting, I saw, first time ever, the car that paints the lines on a road. Cool..

And exactly when I was thinking that only men drivers are stopping for me, two Asian women stopped. They were going in another city, still not too far away, but I would be able to pass the tunnel. So that was perfect. They were from Thailand, living in Iceland for close to 8 years and heading home. Their car was smelling like fast food, but I was in no position to complain. It was also the first time being in a tunnel which had an intersection, that ish was so amazing. I felt like in NFS games I used to play.

After the tunnel, I was again amazed by the incredible view was happening in front of my eyes. Just incredible. I didn’t even care when they left me and I was waiting for another car. I don’t remember how long it took me to get the next one. But the Italian couple who took me were simply the best drivers I ever experienced. Also… the road there, it’s incredible dangerous and beautiful stunning and just.. I have no words to describe it. We even made a short stop to one of the most overwhelming waterfalls I ever saw, Dynjandi. Just before that moment, the camera battery died. And of course I forgot to take my charger with me, because.. remember how I told you I wasn’t quite prepared for the trip? Well, this was another reason. So the rest of the photos, few of them, I took them with my phone.

They left me at the intersection of route 60 with route 63. Which was a bit too crazy for me, exactly in the middle of nowhere. And it was probably around 7 pm. A little bit windy, starting to get chilly and the sun was starting to go down. That’s what happens with mountains.. makes the sunset earlier. Who knew, right? And of course I had no headlamp with me.

– to be continued –

P.S. For more photos take a look at my Instagram page on the right side of my blog.



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