Cuvinte de nepronunțat XIV


Forever. The sweetest, yet terrific word which can make one stay still. All the possibilities that come with it might scare you, but for others it’s the perfect escape. You can hide your entire life behind a word, exactly like a lie. Or you can challenge yourself with the same word and make it a dream to follow.

Hearing it for the first time probably will frighten you. Because the whole world can fit in this one word. Until one day when you understand it can be small enough to fit in just one hour. And then you stop being afraid. Everything seems stable, you are confident in your steps. Just before you fall. Again.

Saying it too often might take the essence out of it. What do you do with a meaningless word? You cease using it and look for new ones. Still, there is nothing that can replace it, all the synonyms in the world can’t make up for this one word, for the feels it gives to you. And so write it until it’s not hurting anymore, defend its right to heal you, feel it till the meaning makes sense again.

Here is the rest of the posts with same idea. It was about time to continue it.


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