50 random things about me


Let’s random some more randomness… (last part)

26. I love drinking tea, and I never add sugar to it.

27. I hate circus, and I’m starting to understand the cruelty beyond a zoo as well. I never been to a circus, I won’t ever go to a zoo again. And it’s not because of clowns. I like clowns.

28. I don’t like junk food, it makes me sick.

29. I don’t like churches as an institution. And I hate we have so many and building even more every single day. I do believe in everyone’s right to believe in a God but not when that believe is hurting others or even himself (one way or another).

30. I bruise easily, not as a metaphor. I am one of those women who still didn’t figure it out where those bruises on them legs came from.

31. I don’t think I know how to give my best or what that actually means.

32. I am always listening to music according to my mood. So that means one day I can listen to jazz, another day to rock, and another day to dubstep.

33. Anathema is the only band I am following since more than 7 years. I’ve been to 6 concerts of them. Since 2007 I only missed two concerts of them In Romania. I hope this year I will see a concert of them outside the country.

34. I like challenging myself with random things

35. I am still learning how to accept failing (not falling).

36. Someday I will try skydiving, and before that paragliding. Oh, and also I want to try scuba diving. I do believe the ocean is one amazing world on its own.

37. When I am nervous I’m rambling so bad that I can’t even finish a full sentence before starting another one.

38. I still enjoy watching Tom&Jerry. It never gets old.

39. I figured it out what my next step in life is and no, it does not involve a ring or a baby.

40. When somebody is telling me to be myself I honestly don’t understand what that suppose to mean and how should I react.

41. I suck at sports. Whatever that sport would be.

42. When I was a kid I cried because I missed one episode of Ninja Turtles.

43. I have a jumping album (pictures with me jumping of course).

44. I have no addictions but I can watch TV series or reality shows for hours without stopping.

45. I love the smell of the freshly mowed grass.

46. I don’t know colors names (only the basic ones).








47. I do believe some people are just born with the capability of keeping plants alive. I’m not one of those.

48. I never celebrated Valentine’s Day because I don’t like the idea of celebrating a feeling one day a year. And I hate all cliches that come along with that.

49. I love to make lists. I would totally have lists of everything but that’s too much of a crazy person… which I’m notish. And it’s the only way I got to be organized.

50. I never liked clubbing and one of the reason is that I hate dancing.



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