50 random things about me


The title says it all. So let’s do this (first part):

1. I hate summer. And it’s not because it’s too hot now. I hate summer every single month of the year. I hate it because I just can’t function when there are over 30 degrees. And I hate mosquitoes or all the other bugs that come along with summer. And no, I don’t like wearing summerish dresses and stuff because I’m too sweaty and too uncomfortable to actual enjoy it.

2. Natural light gives me headaches, for real. It’s not a metaphor. I have this problem every morning (when I open my window, for example) or whenever I get in the sunlight after being in the shadow. And this is the reason why my morning moods depend on curtains, the thick ones.

Ah! Natural light! Get it off me! Get it off me!

3. If I meet you for the first time and you are telling me your name, chances are that I won’t remember it more than 3 seconds. But if you tell me when your birthday is, of course I will keep in mind that date forever. Or half way to forever which is longer than 3 seconds. So yeah, fuck my brain!

4. I don’t like noisy things (like children *insert evil laugh here*).

5. I still don’t know how to apply makeup on my person.

6. If I watch a documentary I really love, or if I read a really interesting book, as much as I would like, I can never retell the story. My brain just doesn’t work like that or it wasn’t trained for that.

7. I still love watching Formula 1. I started watching more than 15 years ago with my brother, but now even though so, so, so many things changed… I still love it.

8. I love playing games: board games or video games. I am almost always losing, so I kinda’ made my peace with that.

9. I still have a puzzle I never finished. It was a Christmas present from 3 or 4 years ago, but it was too big and I couldn’t find a place where to solve it.

10. In my family we had several cats, but I love dogs. When I was a kid I had a tiny, sweet, little puppy. His name was „Pufi” and someone stole him from me. I dream the moment when I will have another dog.

11. I still believe in Santa Claus. And not like in the old man who’s visiting kids all over the world, but more like a state of mind we have during Christmas.

12. I am really afraid of getting addicted to things so moderation is the key. One key I’m trying to keep so much. And I also hate if I depend on someone else.


13. I don’t own a style when it comes to wearing clothes.

14. I love to laugh and my laugh can be quite loud.

15. I am trying to be as honest as a person can be. And most of the time I’m succeeding.

16. I don’t believe in God, I believe in Nature.

17. My religion is traveling. I can talk about it for hours and hours and you won’t get bored.

18. I do believe in anyone’s right to marry who ever they want (if the other person agrees). Interracial or same sex sounds good to me, but I don’t believe in marrying just for the sake of your age, or for the sake of what society thinks or just because everyone around you is doing it. Basically I don’t believe in marriage.

19. I hate packing (so the last two weeks were a hell for me, not that I believe in hell).

20. I am still afraid of spiders.

21. I love crafting, even though I’m not that good at it.

22. I don’t like sunbathing, so I hate getting a tan but in the same time I hate my white skin as well.

23. I like baking so much that I was actually suffering when in Tunisia I had no access to an oven.

24. I have two tattoos and next year, hopefully, I will get the third one.

25. I forget to drink water almost every day. For example I can easily go one day with drinking just one cup of water. And that day is repeating itself for weeks.

to be continued



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