My first night


I tend to get emotional lately over silly things. Now it’s not the case. So it goes like this: tonight will be my first night in my new home… my tiny home. And it feels weird, but a good weird. There are still some things to fix, some things to clean and I still need to organize all my stuff.

But the thing I love the most about moving into a new place or neighborhood is the search for my favourite shops. For example the one I will buy my daily bread from, the ones with the best discounts, the one in which I will make my monthly shopping and the ones with sweet treats. The „hunt” will start tomorrow…ish.

And now out of the  context I want to show you this video because soon I will write something about the things get on my nerves on a daily basis. Sharing an apartment with others became one of them. Not anymore. *insert happiness here*



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