Random [4]


It’s strange how a voice that was reminding me about a bitter-sweet moment from the past, it became now a face to be proud of.

I keep thinking about the past, but not in a melancholic way and not filled with regrets. More like in a way of comparing the nights when the song was taking over my soul. One night in which I was questioning my wandering heart and this night in which my heart is the silent one. Same full moon, but somehow different. Fresh air, but no city lights.

One single word and it brought back my smile. It’s awesomely cruel how this works. Always careful in the beginning and forever losing in the end. But in this case it’s no beginning, nor end. Maybe it was just a tiny push to make me see the difference. And the little difference can make a huge impact. On oneself.

I don’t want your soul now, it’s just wasted time. You never thought it will be so hard to spread the kindness. The key is to not give up so easily. Or ever!



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