Random [3]


Random post. Just because I like this kind of exercise. And it’s nice sometimes to just let your mind free, without over thinking. I hope I can make it a weekly post.

You see a white wall and lots of cigarettes. And somewhere in the background you can hear a slow-jazz song, with a long, long sax solo. And you wonder why do you love so much the sound of a sax. And then you remember a party where, because of a sax, you almost got kicked out of the place you were living. You can’t keep your eyes closed, in the same time the white wall is harming them. And all the light is screaming. Maybe the screams are meant to keep you alive. And just when you thought it’s too loud, the piano sound comes along and sweetens up your mood. Or your day.

But all of a sudden you feel a strange feeling. The panic button is in fact a bruise on your hand. And you keep on pressing it just to create more pain. Or maybe to cover it. And then you hear again the sax. And you remember your clumsy fingers on a guitar. And the childish smile when the fingers start hurting. What a painful pleasure! It’s like the black tea you’re drinking: the strongest you can have, but soften up by milk.

Your mind is far away hiding in a pile of snow and laughing, while your fingers are now touching a filthy black and white keyboard, dreaming of a piano. Some thoughts should be forbidden because of the bitterness they bring with them. Or maybe it’s the tea. You’re too stubborn to add some sugar in your tea. Or life.



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