One year ago…


… I was starting my 5 months challenge as an English Trainer in Sfax, Tunisia. It was one of my biggest challenges… and not only I survived, but I also had some fun while at it. And bonus some life lessons that really stick. I can talk forever about my experience there about people met, how I adjust to the culture, what traveling meant to me, how I enjoyed the Sahara trip, and what teaching also taught me. But I won’t because now I want to write about the present.

I didn’t make a plan from this, but it seems every single year I challenge myself by getting out of the comfort zone. It’s not always the same, and it’s not always in the same place. The end of the this year is quite near so it seems I had to embark on a new challenge. So I did.

And by that I mean I moved to Bucharest and got hired. Or the other way around. It doesn’t matter where/how/on how much and so on. What it matters is.. I will live now in Bucharest, a city that I always hated (or at least disliked). But I’m determined to see the good parts and to enjoy my living here as much as I can! Now I’m in the looking for a rent phase, and then moving some of my stuff here. I somehow feel like a grownup and this scares the hell out of me. I don’t even know why because it’s nothing I didn’t do before. But I keep on thinking „don’t panic if you panic” and „breath in, breath out.”

Some people said to me it takes some courage to go and live in Tunisia just by yourself, and while that’s true, I also think it takes some courage to adjust your dreams to opportunities you can actually have.

P.S. I will go back to my weekly schedule blogging next week.


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