Cuvinte de nepronunțat XII


Let go. It comes a moment in your life when you need to let go. Let go of things, of people, of places. Sometimes you need to forget a memory that keeps on making you sad, or just to lose sight of a friend.  You need to let go of your child’s hand and trust him as he crosses the street alone for the first time. You need to let go of your fears and embark in new challenges. Or maybe you need to ignore wounds that are hurting in order to keep on going. You need to stop waiting for answers and start asking the right questions. You need to leave your issues behind and keep on rolling. Other times you need to let go of your lover’s heart and believe he won’t run away. You need to let go of all the hate that’s keeping you down. Let go of who you think you should be, let go of the life you think you deserve, let go of your plans, let go of your sorrow. Let go before it’s too late.

Seria cuvintelor de nepronunțat poate fi văzută aici.



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