Amazing letter which saved the world


”For whoever needs to read this: you are beautiful and you are loved for being the wonderful person that you are.”
No, you’re not. What the fuck is this positive bullshit? We can’t be all beautiful because if no one was ugly how the fuck could we’ve appreciated or saw the beautiful in the first place? And no, you are not loved for who you are. The fuck is wrong with you, sissy? In fact there is a tiny-tiny *huge* chance that you’re not loved at all. And you will never be. Some people are just incapable of that feeling. But yes, there are people who love your lying side.. because we are indeed fucking humans full of bad choices and mistakes. And yes, the beauty is in the eye of the fuck given. But not every day, hon’, not every day.

So no, motherfucker, you’re not beautiful, smart and loved. But that’s fine. It’s just fine. Stop dreaming sweet pink butterflies around fluffy rainbows… and move your ass to have the life you want. Nobody gives a damn anyway! And while we are at it, how come the little scared birds are always the ones who make the most noise? Shouldn’t they be silent for no one to see/find them?! So stop crying in the pillow/closet about how nobody understands your sorry-ass. Wake up and do-fucking-something for a change!


Fuck If I Care.

P.S. Pipe the fuck down!



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