Almost the end


Three months ago I couldn’t imagine how life could be in Tunisia or in a random city named Sfax. I was doing so many jokes with „where the Sfucks am I going?” that when finally my leaving got real… it wasn’t funny anymore. Last year, in October I decided to live three months in Tunisia. It was „a brave thing to do” as some of my friends encouraged me or „a stupid thing” as other friends told me. But I needed this. I needed to put myself there, to challenge myself, to get out of the comfort zone and to see how I will survive. To be completely honest, I needed to run away, I wasn’t in a happy place, I was lost.

Now I will stay here two more weeks and I can’t believe that this experience is almost over. It was one of the biggest challenges in my entire life. And I can proudly say that I added new pages in my experience book, and what an experience that was! Oh, boy! If I knew before coming here what are the real conditions I don’t think I would have come at all, but one thing’s for sure: I don’t regret at all coming here. Let me tell you more about it.. shortly.

I cried and laughed, I was scared and I was happy, several times I was injured, but then saved, most of the time I was helped especially when I was in danger. I run and I walked, I waited all the time and I hoped. I hugged and I kissed, I was touched and I was hurt. I was always honest and I’ve been lied, I trusted and I’ve been rejected. I succeeded and I learned. I was hot and I was cold, I stumbled and I panicked. I drank and I danced. I cooked and I baked. I fell and I got up. I had breakdowns and I had breakthroughs. I loved and I hated. And most important of them all: I made really good friends.

It’s not easy living in a world that you can’t understand, but it’s not impossible. Sometimes it gets really hard to confront all of the eyes that are watching every move you make, and sometimes it’s just funny how someone can be so confused just by looking at you.

Some people care more about nature and animals than others, some are more afraid of God than others, some treasure friendship over money, others treasure money over anything else, some are dedicating their lives to just one thing (like music, religion, books or women) and others are just living each day as it comes. Some have faith, while others have courage. But at the core of our existence we are the same: we want the best for ourselves, we try to help our friends and we care about our family.We all have big or small dreams and finally, we all want to be liked or loved by the others.

And that was my challenge: can I love something that I don’t understand? And now, almost three months later, with all the fear and the anxiety that I had before coming here, I can easily say that yes, I love my Tunisian life.


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