New Year Resolutions – 2017


I’ve been doing this list every December for the last 8 years. It’s funny to read how my priorities changed. Still there’s one thing I still want to do and never did.

Firstly, let’s review what I managed to do in 2016:

  1. Travelling with someone (bf, mom, friend). Well February was hell of a challenge and I realized that my significant other needs to be in love with traveling, but we need to have the same kind of interests while travelling. In April was the best, since travelling with my mom is simply a bless. Extra point for end of November traveling with a friend.
  2. Still no freaking driving license. I can’t afford having it here and I don’t have time to make it back in Romania. So I’m a little stuck.
  3. The third tattoo hopefully will come in January.
  4. Long story short, that will never happen. Or not anytime soon.
  5. Living the dream! Even though my plans were a little different it all work out. So far.
  6. Meh. The important thing is I always find myself.
  7. Taking some risks is easier than I thought.

2017 needs to be a game changer because I’ve getting closer and close to my next step and still can’t find myself to actually make it. So here it is, this time a little bit more organized even though some of them come together.

  • Personal
  1. I need to learn basic Icelandic, it’s embarrassing how little I know.
  2. my trip in January will determine the rest of the year (well, not completely, but kinda), so I need to learn how to make the best of things in the present! Focus more on the present.
  3. Take myself on a date once a month.
  4. Go to some concerts.
  • Travel
  1. I need to see more of USA. For many years when I was thinking of travelling to US I had two things in my mind: see a Broadway play and see Grand Canyon. First one is done, so maybe next year I can focus on the other one. Oh and be in the public of Ellen’s show. Priorities, right?
  2. See another Broadway play. Who’s to judge me? No one!
  3. Visit (at least one) new European country.
  4. Finally make it to East fjords in Iceland.
  • Work (or career)
  1. Keep on learning and maybe finally making the step I’ve been dreaming of in the last 3 years.
  2. Start really putting money aside for a longer trip in 2018 or end of 2017.
  • Love/friendship
  1. Be more selective and stop playing around.

Where are you now?


In this very moment. In what city or country are you in? Are you just visiting or are you living there? Do you feel you have your life figured out? Are you in love or did you fall out of love? Do you think this piece of puzzle is the best you could have for the time being? Why all these questions?  Read the rest of this entry

Cuvinte de nepronunțat XV


People. That’s what we all are. Human beings going from one place to another, not capable of standing still. Until we die. We are all the same and different in the same time. But sometimes we forget to look around. Not just to glance over other shadows. But to actually  see beyond the mirror and see people as they are.

I’ve recently been to New York, it has been a long time since I’ve been in a huge city and so to see so many people in one place. And I have to tell you I loved it. Because I love people.

We all have issues and challenges Read the rest of this entry

Weekend in Westfjords – part 4


Bíldudalur – Reykjavik

It’s time to finish this story…
As I was saying last time, I was dropped off at the intersection of route 60 with 63. And to my surprise, there were some cars actually going my way but none of them picked me up. And then nothing.. for like 15 minutes no cars. And so I was walking by the side of the road, laughing again like a crazy person.. and trying to see if I could actually pitch my tent somewhere if in one hour nobody will pick me up.

And as I was keeping my mind busy Read the rest of this entry

Weekend in Westfjords – part 3


Bolungarvik – Bíldudalur

After I had that amazing smoothie, I went back to hitchhike my way out of that area. I have to admit, even with the new shoes, I was starting to feel a bit disappointed and my moral was going quite low.

And the fact I was waiting for 30 minutes for someone to pick me up wouldn’t help. It was around 4 pm and so it was starting to get late… thinking the day before around the same time I was making it to Ísafjörður.

Anyhow, finally someone stopped and told me Read the rest of this entry

Weekend in Westfjords – part 2


Ísafjörður – Bolungarvik

As I was saying last time, after a night in which I could barely sleep because of being too cold, I woke up way too late. It took me even longer to get ready for my trip.

Especially because I wasn’t quite sure what to do next or where to head to. And so I heard there is a city close to where I was (around 10 km or so) where I could hike a mountain and, if the weather is really sunny, as it was, I can see Greenland. That sounded really good. Little I knew how wrong I was.

Around midday, I was packed and ready to go. This time it took way longer time for a car to pick me up. And just when I was prepared to give up, Read the rest of this entry

Weekend in Westfjords – part 1


Reykjavik – Ísafjörður

I woke up at 5 am, I was too excited to sleep. And after a final touch to my backpack, I took the first bus outside the city. Few minutes before 8 am I was on route 1, hoping someone will stop and take me to my destination. Or as close to that as possible. 6 cars and 8 hours later, there I was. But let me tell you how it all started.

For everyone who knows me at least a bit, might not be a surprise: I don’t know to make a decision. I’m either rushing into it, not thinking enough about consequences or not taking it at all. I changed my mind 4 times before going on the trip, but eventually I decided to go. The plan was to hitchhike my way there and back for four days and three nights. Camping, of course or if I was lucky, sleep one night in a hostel.

Started my trip with me Read the rest of this entry